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Besides being one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, Aotearoa is also home to some pretty sweet bars. Whether it be from domestic or international tourism, or locals enjoying a refreshing ale, the country’s nightlife has certainly stepped up in recent years.

Winter can be cold and miserable, but how you spend your days doesn’t have to be! If you’re in Christchurch and have a few days to spare, here’s a couple of fun day trips you can embark on. From hot springs in Hanmer to the

The surf forecast is in, and it’s definitely the season for some surfing! New Zealand is no stranger to great surfing spots and there’s a few that you need to check out ASAP. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a

Thinking about a short break away? Planning on jumping in the car and driving to majestic Auckland? Well lucky you, because we’ve compiled a few things for you to discover while you’re there! Need a base? Set up at one of these accommodation options located

When was the last time you took your partner somewhere enchanting for a quick getaway? If you have trouble finding destinations that rival those of fairy tales, we are here to help! Here are our picks for some of the most romantic locations in the

Golf. The four letter word that makes some of us shudder with the thought of teeing off, while others relish the opportunity to one-up their mates. Considered by many as one of the hardest (and most frustrating) sports in the world, you’ll need excellent concentration,