Short Break Away

Lake Tekapo is an inviting town that happens to share its name with the lake that it's located at. The beautiful scenery welcomes visitors all year round. Here are 7

When you think of movies that have been filmed in New Zealand, you’re automatically drawn to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ right? Well it may come as a surprise to

What exactly makes craft beer so great? Is it the fact that each independent brewer creates something so unique that stands out from the crowd? Or is it the different

Located on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island, the charming city of Invercargill has laid claim to being the country’s southernmost city. Filled with unique attractions, delectable delicacies

When was the last time you took the family out for a good old fashioned road trip? We’ve planned a quick getaway involving three key elements that make every short

Aotearoa is synonymous with beautiful landscapes, rich in culture and history. Unfortunately, very few are given the opportunity to truly experience all that the country has to offer. Time poor? We’ve

New Zealand is filled with some great hot spots for a short break away. If you’re having trouble choosing a final destination, take our quiz to find the perfect location

We Kiwis might have a reputation for being laid back, but after conducting our very own research into the motivations, interests and barriers of New Zealanders taking short breaks, we’ve

Are you reluctant to take a holiday this year? Do you worry that only you are able to do your job, work with clients or customers the way you do?

We all know the monotonous feeling of hitting snooze, brushing our teeth, chucking on the work attire and taking the same bus to the same workplace day, after day, after

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Short Break Away
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