July 2017

Australia is filled with some great hot spots for a short break away. If you’re having trouble choosing a final destination, take our quiz to find the perfect location for you! We Aussies might have a reputation for being laid back, but after conducting our very

G-o-l-f. The four letter word that makes some of us shudder with the thought of teeing off, while others relish the opportunity to one-up their mates. Considered by many as one of the hardest (and most frustrating) sports in the world, you’ll need excellent concentration, precision

Are you, your partner or your mates just itching to take a short break away from work or life in general? The beautiful coastal city of Napier has something that will keep all parties entertained. Take a look at the top things not to miss

Are you itching for a weekend away with your mates, a few beers and your trusty rod and reel? Well, you’re in luck. The Murray River comes in at third place in the longest navigable rivers in the world – beaten only by the Nile and