5 Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep

Are you slogging it out all day in the office only to get home, grab dinner and park yourself in front of the TV for hours on end, then struggling to switch off come bed time? There really is no substitute for good sleep, which is super important for balanced wellbeing. Being overtired is one thing, but ongoing sleep deficiency has been linked to a range of health factors, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Here’s our top 5 tips to help you on your way to a better nights’ rest.


Night mode

Try and stop using devices at least half an hour before bed. Blue light from your hand held device prevents the brain from releasing melatonin, a hormone that lets our bodies know it is night time, keeping us wide awake. Think about your daily cycle in a circadian rhythm – the 24 hour physiological processes that regulate sleeping and waking. Here’s something to remember: Drinking coffee pushes your biological sleep clock back by 40 minutes, while the light emitting from your smart device pushes your clock back by 85 minutes.

TIP: Switch your phone to night mode after dinner to reduce blue light


Get lit(erate)

Reading helps relax our brain! Grab a good book and punch out some pages. It’s also a good excuse to put the phone down and get some quiet time before hitting the sack.


Don’t overdo dinner

A huge meal right before you wind down is not ideal, especially high-sugar foods; yes, that does mean that half packet of Tim Tams. Eating right before bed makes digesting food a struggle and can generate stress on the body.

Tip: Pick (and stick to) a designated time for dinner each night – we recommend at least three hours before bed.


Prepare for tomorrow, today!

If you’re heading to bed and thinking about what you’re doing the next day your mind will be racing all night. Make sure you have your bag packed for work, your outfit ready to wear, and your lunch in the fridge ready to go. The less you have to do tomorrow, the easier today will be!


Keep it cosy

The bedroom should be your tranquil sanctuary, and as such, everything in it should create a restful environment. Make sure your bed has enough blankets and pillows to ensure maximum comfort and warmth, while your curtains or blinds keep exposed light to a bare minimum.

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