6 Simple Steps for a Super Comfy Flight

Domestic flights across the country can be an easy and stress free experience, or one that makes you vow never to fly again! Not every plane trip goes according to plan, but they can always be bearable; enter our six easy life hacks to help make your next flying experience a little easier to handle.


Seats (pros and cons of each)

There are pros and cons to every seating option on a plane.

Window Seats:

Pro: Easier sleeping position, great view, nobody bothers you to use the bathroom

Con: Constantly climbing over others to use the bathroom

Middle Seats:

Pro: None

Con: Everything

Aisle Seat:

Pro: You can use the bathroom at any time without disturbing anyone, first one out, more oxygen circulating

Con: Will get up a few times because the other two need to use the bathroom, the trolley will hit you when it passes.


Seat location

If you’re easily affect by motion sickness while flying, we recommend selecting a seat that is in the middle of the plane as close to the wings as possible. The plane sits on an axis, and therefore the middle section is the least turbulent area.



If sitting in the middle still gives you an uneasy feeling in your stomach, the secret cure for that is none other than lemonade! The lemon flavour mixed with the carbonated bubbles soothes a stomach and calms your nerves.


In-flight entertainment

Take advantage of the in-flight entertainment provided to you. A few episodes of ‘Modern Family’ later and your flight from Melbourne to Queensland will be done and dusted!


Comfy clothes

You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible while flying, so make sure you’re not wearing skinny jeans or tight dresses. Sweat pants and baggy jumpers are the ideal flying attire!


Noise-cancelling headphones

Nobody wants to hear the sound of a crying baby their entire flight, which is why you should definitely invest in some noise-cancelling headphones! By reducing ambient sound distractions, it’ll just be you and the music, with no extra instrumentals of crying infants.


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