Benefits of Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all know the monotonous feeling of hitting snooze, brushing our teeth, chucking on the work attire and taking the same bus to the same workplace day, after day, after day… it can be a drag. Or, you can mix it up, and here’s why you should!




BIG risk, BIG reward

Comfort is a productivity killer. Shake things up a bit and make those tough decisions. Be inspired. Being comfortable is one thing, not pushing yourself to achieve something greater is another. Whether it is at the gym, work, or on the football field, be ambitious; you don’t want to look back in 20 years thinking “I wish I had…”

For the future you

Start today for a better tomorrow. Change can be overwhelming at times, but short-term pain is long-term gain. Not only will new tasks and challenges in the future seem less daunting, but you’ll be confident enough to know you’re able to tackle them head on – discover a new found sense of confidence you never knew you had before!

Unlock some creativity

Learning a different skill or pursuing a new experience can open the door to a whole new way of creative thinking. Anxiety-inducing? Possibly. But “optimal anxiety” or “productive discomfort” exists and is not something we should necessarily shy away from. It can push us to strive past the boundaries of our own comfort zone, breaking through to the golden plains of maximum performance.



Back yourself

Trust your gut. There’s a reason intuition has been hailed as your most trusted advisor. Research shows that using this form of decision making taps into our natural instincts, allowing confidence in our resolutions, whether it is right or wrong. People are scared to make decisions on pure emotion, then again we have to remember there can be fallout from snap decisions as well as well thought-out ones.

Mix it up

Changing your daily routine can be daunting, but once you rip that band aid off and start giving in to new experiences, you’ll be hooked on future possibilities. It can be as simple as heading out for a walk at lunch, taking a different route home from work, or eating at a restaurant without looking at the menu – it can be anything!

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Take small steps. Think about what you’re most afraid of and try to combat this over time. It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone, but by doing so you’ll realise just how much you’re able to accomplish.

Where do you want to go?