Adelaide is a picturesque city known for its expansive parklands, historic stone architecture and feeling of openness and space. The elegant city is also host to a number of festivals and exhibitions and is a centre for culture and the arts.

South Australia (SA) is a diverse state boasting stunning coastline, scenic mountain ranges, spectacular wine country and searing desert. The capital city Adelaide is a picturesque city with a small town feel but all of the luxuries of a large city.

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is a lively city and home to some of the best galleries, museums and parks in Australia. Rather than originating from a small town, Canberra was purpose built as the capital and is therefore extremely well planned.

A short ninety minute drive from Melbourne, the beautiful streets of Bendigo were created during the gold rush era and maintain the charm of the period to this day. The regional town is vibrant and friendly with an abundance of things to do and see.

There are country towns and there are country towns – some of them don’t have a lot to offer and some of them are so welcoming and vibrant that you won’t want to leave. Wagga Wagga (or just Wagga as the locals call it) definitely

When funds are tight, as they are for so many of us these days, we still want to be able to take our families on holidays but not have to default on the mortgage in the process. Choosing a holiday destination that has something for

I recently returned from a month long trip around the States and during my research for the trip I found some amazing Apps that can really make planning a trip so much easier. Here is a list of the ones I think are the best.