A Greenhorn’s Guide to Gut Health

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’re probably well aware of the gut health craze that has taken the well-being world by storm! You’ve probably heard terms like ‘Kefir’, ‘Kimchi’ and ‘Kombucha’ and thought they sounded more like a foreign language than a food (don’t worry, us too.) So we did our research into probiotic foods to bring you this Greenhorn’s Guide to Gut Health.



Pro-bi-o-tic! Probiotic foods are healthy foods rich in live bacteria. Ingesting probiotic foods is said to stimulate the growth of beneficial gut bacteria ultimately improving your overall digestion. In simpler terms, probiotic foods are generally a bunch of healthy food, naturally high in enzymes that make your insides (specifically your gut) happy and able to function at its best.


Cool story, but why is it so important to have a healthy gut?

Well rumour has it that having a healthy gut is as important as having a healthy brain. In fact, in Chinese medicine they hold the gut responsible for digesting not only food but also emotion. So then if an unhealthy gut can lead to chronic worry, brain fog, anxiety and depression then a happy gut can lead to clarity of thought, positive mindset and overall happiness. Sounds appealing, right? Here are 3 probiotic foods to help get you started.


Traditionally a Korean dish made up of fermented vegetables with added flavours, Kimchi was soon discovered to increase good gut bacteria. Word spread in Western society that just one totwo tablespoons of this Korean staple could improve digestion and even promote weight loss, more levelled blood sugar and blood pressure as well as lowered cholesterol. This healthy food can be added to salads and stir-fry’s or just enjoyed straight from the jar- a great first step if you’re looking to introduce probiotic foods into your diet! You can buy it at some supermarkets, all health food stores and Asian grocers.



Fizzy, refreshing, a little sweet and a little sour; this probiotic drink is made from fermented tea. It promotes healthy gut flora and yes, you guessed it, digestion! It’s one of the more pleasant of the probiotic foods and can be enjoyed straight from the bottle on the go. It’s become so popular that most supermarkets now stock it!



Kefir is a milky/yoghurty substance that can be enjoyed as a drink, in smoothies, or on top of cereals. As well as its digestive properties, Kefir is one of the probiotic foods that promotes the production of B12, vitamin D, calcium, K2 and that feel-good happy chemical we all love… serotonin! For the lactose intolerant, use Kefir as a healthy substitute for cow’s milk.

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