10 Ways to Manage Stress at Work

Feeling a little bit stressed every now and then is natural. If you constantly find yourself battling stress and anxiety at work no matter how much you get done, then it’s time to start thinking about how you can take better care of yourself. Here’s 10 simple tips for managing stress in the workplace to help get those dreaded feelings off your back.


1. Tackle the hardest tasks first

You might be tempted to start your day off by completing some of your easiest tasks just to experience the satisfaction of crossing them off your list. But avoiding the difficult jobs just increases feelings of stress and anxiety as those hard tasks loom over your head. Instead, start by completing the job you’re dreading so you can put it behind you and move on with your day.


2. Get up and move

We’re all leading more sedentary lifestyles these days and hours can pass by where we find ourselves shackled to our desk in poor positions that leave us feeling tired and sore. Make an effort to move around and stretch your legs frequently. Whether that means you set an alarm to remind you to take a walk around the office or drink from a smaller glass so that you have to get up regularly to refill it. Just make sure you’re getting up throughout the day.


3. Bring life into your office

There’s no denying that boring grey cubicle walls can make it feel like your life is draining away while you stare at your screen, so try to make your work space as welcoming as possible. Keep some plants on your desk, not only will they help to pump out some fresh oxygen but you’ll find them instantly uplifting.


4. Create a mood-boosting playlist

When all that is going through your head is an endless stream of deadlines and complaints it doesn’t take long for the stress to build up. When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by the thoughts racing around your brain, switch on a mood-boosting playlist full of songs that will brighten your mood. Feel your stress melt away in minutes!


5. Look away from your screen

It is important to regularly take a break from your work to give your brain a chance to re-calibrate, but try not to spend every little break staring at Instagram on your phone. Screen-free breaks are vital throughout the day as they allow your eyes to refocus. They can also help to prevent headaches caused by staring at your computer for too long.


6. Connect with your co-workers

Don’t get trapped in your own little bubble with anxiety as your only companion. Take the time to chat and laugh with your co-workers and you won’t feel so alone with your stress. Voicing your problems out loud to them may also help you find a solution or a helping hand that will ease your anxiety as well.


7. Keep snacks handy

We all have moments throughout the day where we feel our energy levels dip and our stress rears its ugly head. Rather than reaching for a sugary quick fix when you’re at your lowest, keep your energy levels consistent by having these healthy snacks on hand all day long.


8. Manage your email

Perhaps the worst thing about our modern lives is the constant stream of emails that come into our inboxes. Don’t let your inbox rule your life, instead set regular times to respond to your emails so you can concentrate on the actual work you need to get done.


9. Plan ahead

A working day without structure and planning can be major causes of stress at work. Before you go home each day take a few moments to plan your next day, focusing on the tasks that need to be completed first, deadlines that will need to be met and even any calls or meetings you have throughout the day so you can manage your time effectively.


10. Work with a goal in mind

When your work is the only thing on your mind you can start to feel like you’re never going to escape the stress. Give yourself something to look forward to by working with goals in mind. Drive yourself with targets and rewards, such as regular getaways around the country to help you unwind and recharge your batteries. Planning your trip can be a relaxing release, while the getaway itself is an opportunity to leave your stress behind and return to work refreshed.

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