Melbourne Street Art

For years the art emerging from Melbourne’s street scene has astonished and inspired many locals and travellers from afar. The rich urban city culture has become internationally recognised for their hidden masterpieces waiting to be discovered in laneways, alley ways and unsuspecting corners. Melbourne has recognised the importance of art in the community while also celebrating the difference between street art and graffiti within the streets.

Melbourne’s Stance on Graffiti
What is the difference between graffiti and street art? Melbourne has led by example that asking permission to create art on private property leads to receiving great artistic opportunities. Artists no longer need to lurk at night and disguise their face from their work. Creative painting is carried out in broad daylight, while people passing admire their work. Melbourne’s innovative way of working together to reduce graffiti promotes an infectious passion within artists to express themselves while taking pride in their city. What once was seen as a negative impact on the city has confidently transformed with the help of the community’s love for urban art. It has become part of the city’s architecture contributing to the urban culture of Melbourne.

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Melbourne Street Art
Next time you are in Melbourne make a point to look around. Look up, down and around corners where Melbourne streets offer the world’s biggest free art gallery. Artists of all backgrounds express their view of the city and share it openly for all to embrace. Opposite Federation Square, Hosier Lane is one of these hotspots overflowing with creativity and is considered the central point of the city’s street art scene. In the middle of the shopping precinct don’t overlook Union Lane that offers an ever changing collage of art that stretches for 550 meters. Other art scenes scattered across Melbourne include Finlay Avenue, Degraves Street, 122 Palmerston Street and Centre Place. Whether you follow a map to the mural hotspots or partake in a tour led by a local artist, Melbourne’s street art lets you see the city through different eyes.

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Melbourne’s Art Scene
The city buzzes with layers of artistic options. With over 100 art galleries, scattered heritage buildings wedged between sky rises, art in the park, statues by the water and colourful montage art lined streets; Melbourne is immersed in a rich culture of art expressed in many forms. When looking for a place to stay in the heart of the art, Hotels on Collins Street Melbourne are great for embarking on an exploration. Quality Hotel Batman’s Hill On Collins is a four star accommodation on Collins Street Melbourne. Come experience what has become world renowned for transforming the streets into a beautifully unexpected gallery.

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