How to Survive Dry July

So you’ve decided to take on Dry July and cut out alcohol… well done! Us Aussies live in a society where alcohol is as much a socialising staple as smashed avo on toast. And we know that giving up the drink can be difficult. As if a case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) wasn’t enough, you can almost always count on SOMEONE to play devil’s advocate. We’re sure you’ll hear many affirming praises for taking on Dry July throughout the month. However the real rewards will be the amazing health benefits you’ll reap, waking up to a clear head on Sunday morning, and your bank account looking oddly better off. So if you’re halfway through and struggling, or you’re after some advice to give up for a week or two, read on. We’ve put together a few Dry July tips to help silence that voice in the back of your head (or the back of the room!) that’s trying to convince you Sober Sally is boring.


Designated Driver

Not only will being designated driver make you popular amongst your friends, but it will help you to stay sober and serve as incentive to go the whole way.

“Soda with Lime, Thanks”

Having a tasty drink in hand when you’re out will help ease the pain of going without. While a soft drink might not have the same smooth textures as that Pinot from the Peninsula, it will help to scratch the itch of having a social drink.

Treat yo’ self

Throughout your sober days, keep a tally whenever you save money on alcohol and use it to treat yourself to something nice. How about a delish early brunch the morning after the night before? Invite your friends, or even better, invite your hungover friends… the bags under their eyes will remind you just how fresh you are feeling.

Remind Yourself

And the final Dry July tip… Remember it’s only 31 Days. Remind yourself how rewarding it will feel to complete this mammoth task and repeat the endless amounts of incredible health benefits sobriety can bring like increased energy levels and reduced cravings. You’ll notice you start making healthier food choices and if you’re still struggling, just ask your bathroom scales!


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