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Ahh, Melbourne weather. One minute your lips are blue, teeth chattering and toes numb, and the next you’re a sweaty mess and considering suing Rexona for false advertising on their Clinical Protection range. It’s no secret that Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in the world

While visitors flock to Bendigo these days to visit one of the finest art galleries in regional Victoria, and indulge in the city’s fabulous food and wine scene, back in the 1850s and 60s it was a very different story. There are plenty of unique

Bendigo is one of regional Victoria’s most beautiful cities, and was placed firmly on the Australian map following an incredible gold rush more than 150 years ago. The wealth of the rush brought with it elaborately designed homes, monuments and public buildings which still line

A short ninety minute drive from Melbourne, the beautiful streets of Bendigo were created during the gold rush era and maintain the charm of the period to this day. The regional town is vibrant and friendly with an abundance of things to do and see.