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Three hours’ drive from Melbourne along what’s known as the Shipwreck Coast, this pretty seaside village has a rich maritime history and a laid-back whimsical vibe. In 2012 Port Fairy was voted the world’s most liveable community, and there’s a rhythm to life here that

Port Fairy; a beautiful little coastal town located along the Great Ocean Road. This laid back spot is a great place to stop and stay a while if you’re road tripping from Melbourne to Mt Gambier or if you’re looking for a weekend trip from

Ahh, Melbourne weather. One minute your lips are blue, teeth chattering and toes numb, and the next you’re a sweaty mess and considering suing Rexona for false advertising on their Clinical Protection range. It’s no secret that Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in the world

There are literally over 1000 towns in Victoria, but as they say not all towns were created equal! Here’s the Choice Hotels’ top 5 Victorian towns to visit and what makes them so special.