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There’s so much about Kalgoorlie that will come as a surprise for first-time visitors. From the city’s double-barrel title (it’s officially known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder), to the incredible trove of period architecture dating back to the gold rush of the late 1800s, prepare to be amazed

As Kleenex’ favourite season, Winter tends to get a bad rap. Usually associated with cold feet and a runny nose, us Aussies tend to avoid it by jetting off to the equator in a bid to defrost. But winter doesn’t have to be all bad. The

If you're planning a trip to WA's capital then here's your ultimate bucket list: 8 things to you have to do in Perth!   Listen to our overview of all things to do in Perth below! Take a stroll through Kings Park Did you know that Kings Park is

Perth. What a city! Full of rousing restaurants, buzzing bars and, of course, cosy cafes; it’s an eater’s ecstasy and a drinker’s dream! Sometimes, though, having too many options can make things more difficult. So we put together a list of 6 of the best

Located in the north-west arm of Western Australia lies the distinct city of Karratha. It might not be a place on everyone’s hit list, but after these quick facts it’ll be on there in no time.   1) The name derives from a station of the same name, which

Western Australia is world renowned for its natural beauty, but if you dig deeper there’s still a few spots that don’t always come up in headlines. Filled with beautiful beaches and bountiful bites along the way, the stretch of road between Bunbury and Busselton is

Is the west really best? Well in terms of popular bars and nightspots, it could just be. Whether you enjoy knocking back a beer or sipping on a seriously good cocktail, you’ll find it in Perth! A lot of these hotspots are hidden between the