Fun Things To Do In Napier

Are you, your partner or your mates just itching to take a short break away from work or life in general? The beautiful coastal city of Napier has something that will keep all parties entertained. Take a look at the top things not to miss in Napier. There’s fishing and vintage car rides for the boys, wineries and guided walks of the Art Deco Quarter for the girls – and vice versa!



Renowned for its fishing exploits, the Hawke’s Bay region is the perfect place to drop a line – look out for trout, eel or flounder! We recommend making your way to Waipawa River, a tributary of the mighty Tukituki River, to find the most populated area for fish!

Wine Tours

Napier Wine Tours will take you to four cracking wineries and vineyards! You’ll also discover the only winery museum in the country, which will teach you all you need to know about the wine making process.

And if you’re up for it, you can take a self-guided bike ride from the coast up to the wineries themselves. The 16km off road path takes you through the Clive Wetlands, before dropping you down to the wineries…don’t worry, there’s a shuttle to take you back afterwards!

Vintage Car Ride

Gear up and get ready to take that old ’28 Chevrolet out for a spin! From 9-5 you’ll be able to drive through the old streets of town, free to explore the Bay however you like (and in style, we might add!). Don’t have experience handling vintage cars? No problem. The hour tutorial to learn the forgotten art of double de-clutching will set you straight!

Art Deco Activity

If you’re interested in the city’s fascinating history, you’ll want to check out the Art Deco Quarter walking tour. For those who don’t know, Napier is also widely renowned for its architecture, both celebrated and inspiring. Learn about the catastrophic earthquake that destroyed the city and the moving aftermath that came from it. The tour guides are well informed and will passionately share all they know about city’s history and culture with you.


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