6 Time Saving Tips to Live By

Is your day getting off to a slow start? Are you behind the 8 ball already and it’s only 8am? Here are 6 of our best time saving tips to help you get your day (and week) off to the right start!


Meal prep

Whether it’s a day or a week in advance, make it easy on yourself and prepare your lunches beforehand. All you’ll have to do is grab your meal out of the fridge before you leave the house!

Here’s a handy hint: with leftovers in mind, try cooking larger portions so you can have them for lunch or dinner throughout the week – your wallet will thank you too! If you’re after some healthy snacks that are quick and easy to prepare, look no further!

Pick your outfit the night before

Ever catch yourself standing at the closet, pondering what shoes go with what pair of pants? You’re better off making sure your outfit for the next day (or week) is ironed, laid out, and ready to be worn the night before.

Handy hint: don’t get surprised by the weather – check the forecast so you can dress accordingly!

Beat the traffic

If you know traffic clogs up at 8am, make sure you work around this. Leave the house 10-15 minutes earlier and you’ll end up saving yourself so much wasted time usually spent in transit!

Handy hint: listen out for the traffic report to see if there’s any disruptions on your daily route that you may need to avoid.

Get a decent amount of sleep

Sluggish? Bit of a slow to start the day? Maybe you didn’t get enough zzzs. Sleep replenishes energy levels, leaving you feeling revitalised and ready to take on the impending day ahead – without it your day will drag on, taking you along with it.

Handy hint: if you’re having trouble sleeping, try some of these tips.

Stop dawdling

Sometimes we can’t help but be enchanted by our iPhones. But those five minutes spent scrolling through Facebook is potentially the exact time you’ll miss your train by. If there’s something that needs doing, just do it!

Keep your home clutter free

Probably the most important of all our time saving tips… If you find yourself running around looking for your keys every morning, it might be time for an intervention. The more you keep your castle clean, tidy and organised, the easier life will be!

Handy hint: keep the crucial elements (keys, wallet, phone) in the same spot every night so you’ll always know where they are in the morning!

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