Vegetarian Restaurants in Brisbane Even Meat Eaters Will Love

Vegetarian food generally gets a pretty bad wrap in the taste department, but we think unfairly so. Vegetarian food doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring- especially with the plethora of restaurants that offer deliciously (and unobvious) vegetarian options. So whether you’re a full-time vegetarian or just trying to cut back on your meat consumption then we’ve got a few vegetarian tips for your Brisbane visit!


1. Grown

Think locally sourced, plant-based food with a chic and tasteful twist. Grown take simple seasonal dishes and turn them into mouth watering master pieces. It’s a completely sustainable restaurant with 100% vegan wine and beer on offer.

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2. Moo Free Burgers

Can you guess what food we’re dealing with?! Yep, vegan burgers! If you’re looking for something hearty, satisfying and maybe a little naughty then check these guys out. Get your ultimate burger fix without harming any cows!

3. Urbane

Urbane is one of Brisbane’s best restaurants. In 2017, it received three Good Food hats and won the Best New Talent Australian Gourmet Traveller Award in 2013. The menu is full of mouth-wateringly delish dishes that will have you wanting more. It’s kind of fancy, the perfect option for date night.

4. Botanica Real Food

Looking for a to-die-for salad full of fresh and delicious ingredients? Look no further. You could call it the Ottolenghi of Brisbane. Maybe you’re someone who lives by the “you don’t make friends with salad” motto, in which case, you won’t be able to go past their insane sweet treats… yes there are gluten free options 😉

Looking for more vegetarian restaurant ideas? Check these out for Sydney, and these out for Melbourne!

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