5 Tips To Help Stay Mindful While You Work

We all know how easy it is to become distracted at work, especially if you spend your days in an office. Working an 8-12 hour day probably means you’re familiar with old mates Distraction, Boredom and his right hand man, Hunger.

It can be a real battlefield up there and often we’re on the losing side completely unarmed. Practising mindfulness can help combat all of the above by reducing stress and create clarity of thought. Try your hand at these mindfulness techniques next time you’re in the workplace.


Get a good night’s rest

Sleep is vital if you want to maximise mental alertness, brain functionality, concentration and overall energy levels. Try these 5 sleeping tips to help you on your way to feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your next day at work!


Start your morning with a positive mantra

A mantra is a little saying that you repeat to yourself over and over in order to visualise a more positive outcome. These are used in mindfulness meditation and are a powerful way to kick-start your mornings. Try writing your morning mantra on a piece of paper and leaving it on your bedside table so it is the first thing you read when you wake up. Works for us!


Focus on one task at a time while you work

This seems like a no brainer, however sometimes it can be a real effort to remain fixated on the sole task at hand… especially around 3:30pm. If you’re struggling try scrunching up a piece of paper as tightly as you can, count to 5 and then straighten it out, smoothing all of the creases. You can repeat this mindfulness technique until you’re feeling totally present and alert.


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Set calendar reminders

If you’re at your computer all day then why not utilise your calendar reminders to prompt your mindfulness techniques? Try scheduling them every 3 hours to remind you to take some deep breaths, close your eyes while focusing on a single sound, drink a big glass of water/have a healthy snack or simply stand up and stretch!


Hand-write it down!

There are many computer tools that can be used to electronically keep track of your tasks, however hand-writing it down encourages the brain to focus. Not only does writing it down/crossing it off serve as a reminder for what you have completed, the motion of putting pen to paper is also very satisfying.

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