Yoga, Meditation, Pilates or Tai Chi?

There are many different ways we can improve the balance of our mind, body and soul, but what exactly are the differences between yoga, Pilates, meditation and Tai Chi?

Let us take you through the variances and benefits of these four common exercises and the best places to try them – You’ll be surprised at how similar that actually are.


1. Yoga

Perhaps the most common practice for those looking to improve their wellbeing, yoga fuses the body, breath and mind into a delicate harmony. The aim is to create clarity and allow your self-awareness and consciousness to reach higher ground. Through various postures, movements and breathing exercises, yoga can help you attain a state of calmness and also increase your physical strength. This also allows your body to become more flexible as you continue to stretch and flex with poses that push every area of your body.

TRY: URBAN YOGA in Sydney, RISE YOGA in Melbourne, or HOT YOGA LIFE in Adelaide.

2. Pilates

Pilates has a big focus on building core strength in your body, while improving flexibility and muscular endurance. It’s also a great way to heighten your coordination of balance and, for those who sit at a desk all day, posture! Instead of putting an emphasis on the burn and results, Pilates focuses on a process that teaches the correct forms and positions.

TRY: ESSENCE OF LIVING in Queensland, PERTH PILATES STUDIO in Perth, and KXD PILATES in Melbourne.

3. Tai Chi

AKA “Supreme Ultimate Force”, Tai Chi incorporates slow body movements to elevate relaxation and call upon inner peace. The Chinese believe that humans reflect the universe and are made up of five elements (earth, fire, water, metal and wood) and these elements flow through our body as ‘qi’ (chee). Harness your ‘qi’ to balance internal energy and convert it to internal force, therefore generating more positive energy inside of you.

TRY: SAUVAGE FENG SHUI in Hobart, TAI CHI SOCIETY in Sydney, and DA XUAN in Melbourne.

4. Meditation

Meditation is the state in which the mind reaches thoughtless awareness, that is to say, nothing is on your mind. Proven to be one of the greatest examples of stress reduction, meditation teaches you to control your thoughts and inner mind, allowing you to focus on the present. Let go of the past stresses that can no longer be changed and don’t worry about the potential and undetermined future.

TRY: Anywhere! Find yourself a place of calm and relieve that stress! OMMMM

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